True Crime Developers Contacted Ex-Criminals & Triads

May 7, 2010Written by Zak Islam

The last two True Crime games were developed by Luxoflux, so it may come as a surprise that United Front Games, the folks behind PlayStation 3 exclusive ModNation Racers, will be handling the development for the latest crime title. But what will come as a bigger surprise, is that the company contacted ex-criminals as well as real-life Triads for True Crime.

Lead producer Jeff O’Connell recently told NowGamer that the developers had been talking to Triads and more to benefit the latest True Crime game.

I think there’s a certain disbelief that a bunch of videogame developers from Vancouver would end up talking with ex-police officers who were very high up in an undercover organisation or ex-Triad members. But we’ve been at this for two and a half years and we’ve taken special care to develop contacts over that period, to gain their trust and work with them – we’re very lucky with that.

True Crime will blend intense Hollywood style driving with martial arts combat and shoot outs delivered in an Asian cinema inspired action-thriller scene. Back half of the year” is the date guideline for the game.