Six Days in Fallujah Delayed

Six Days in Fallujah Delayed to Late 2022 as Developer Highwire Games Doubles the Size of its Team

Controversial first-person tactical military shooter Six Days in Fallujah has been delayed until the final quarter of 2022. Publisher Victura and developer Highwire Games have announced the delay in order to double the size of the development team to make sure they can create the game at a high enough quality.

The delay now means Six Days in Fallujah won’t release for PC and consoles in 2021 as was expected after the re-reveal earlier this year. Six Days in Fallujah will now release at some point between October and the end of December 2022. Victura CEO Peter Tamte clarified the reason for the delay and increasing the size of the development team, citing increased team size as just “one of many things” being done.

It became clear that recreating these true stories at a high quality was going to require more people, capital, and time than we had. Doubling our team is just one of many things we’re doing to make sure Six Days in Fallujah brings new kinds of tactical and emotional depth to military shooters.

Six Days in Fallujah aims to “recreate true stories from the 2004 Second Battle for Fallujah” through gameplay and documentary interview footage. This involves personal stories, photos, and video recordings from more than 100 Marines, Soldiers, and Iraqi civilians who were present during the battle so the stories can be told “with the integrity they deserve.” Six Days in Fallujah has drawn a lot of negative attention over its controversial subject matter. Many believe the grim realities of war and stories of actual people faced with real war crimes shouldn’t be glorified in video games while others, including ex-servicemen, are skeptical of Six Days in Fallujah’s intentions, which seem to overwhelmingly paint the invading US forces in a more positive light than some think they should be.

Victura has already denied that Six Days in Fallujah’s sole purpose is to recruit for the US army, clarifying the U.S. government is not involved in its creation, and that it is being independently financed. Tamte has even denied that Six Days in Fallujah is trying to make a political statement, claiming instead that it is trying to “show the experience of the individual on the ground.” This has been contradicted by publisher Victura who recognized the events are “inseparable from politics.”

Six Days in Fallujah is now set for release at the end of 2022.

[Source: Six Days in Fallujah]