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Report: Controversial Game Six Days in Fallujah Was in Development at Sony Santa Monica at One Point

God of War creator, David Jaffe, and Days Gone creative director, John Garvin, have revealed that military shooter Six Days in Fallujah was once in development at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio.

The title, which is now being developed by Highwire Games and will be published by Victura, proved to be so controversial that even Konami famously gave up on it in 2009. However, the revelation that Santa Monica Studio was once working on it is new.

Both Jaffe and Garvin recently appeared in a YouTube show to discuss Days Gone and its future. During the conversation, Jaffe asked, “Did you know Six Days in Fallujah was actually in development at Sony Santa Monica for a while?” “I was at the greenlight meeting,” Garvin replied.

Jaffe then revealed that Six Days in Fallujah stirred the pot too much for anyone’s liking.

“Any time that game started to really become something that they wanted it to be – a real look at war – companies kind of said ‘yeah, thanks but no thanks,'” explained Jaffe. “So I don’t know what this new one is going to be in terms of, are they gonna get there.”

“It’s a tough one,” added Garvin. “We’re in a climate where, man, you’re just stepping literally in landmines.”

Six Days in Fallujah has been heavily criticized for using a tragedy to paint the aggressors in a positive light while overlooking the plight of actual victims: the Iraqi civilians. Both Highwire and Victura deny this, but have yet to present a concrete argument to defend the game’s premise.

[Source: YouTube via VGC]