Valkyrie Profile 3 in the Works for E3 as PS3 Exclusive?

May 8, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

It looks like someone high up might have been paying attention to the comment of our latest 5 RPGs We Want on PS3 article that ran this week because it looks like Valkyrie Profile 3 is in the works, and better still, may be exclusive to the PS3.

PSM3 recently revealed a secret mystery game in the works that would be revealed in the June 3rd issue and sign are pointing towards that being VP3. Valkyrie Profile is another great series that should make any PS3 owner starving for RPG love happy and will bring players back into the world of the Valkyrie after an almost 4 year absence. As E3 approaches hopefully we will receive more information on the game and I honestly cannot wait, it should be another great effort by developer tri-Ace.