5 RPGs That We Want on the PS3

There have been many great Role-Playing Games that have graced Sony’s hardware over the years, and sadly, some of these have hit like a storm and then disappeared.  With some RPG momentum finally picking up on the PS3, now is a good time for some series to make their return to Sony’s platform.  There is no order to the 5 below, but they would all make terrific additions to the PlayStation 3’s already amazing lineup of games.

Suikoden VI

It has been roughly 4-years since gamers have seen a proper Suikoden game to play, and with the PS3 finally filling up with RPGs, now would be a great time for Konami to reveal Suikoden VI.  The series has spanned 6 games, or 7 if you count the below-average DS offering, and while the series on the PS1 and PS2 has had its share of roadbumps, it is still one of the best RPG series ever created in my mind.  A return to the series is badly needed for us Suikoden fans–any game that lets you recruit up to 108 unique soldiers is a win in my book.

Persona 5

Yes I know that Atlus has already confirmed development of this title, but to my knowledge they have yet to specify exactly which platform the game will appear on. PS3 owners everywhere should be crossing fingers, toes, anything they can that this game finds its way onto a Blu-Ray disc.  Persona 3 and 4, which both released on the PS2, were two of the greatest RPGs that I have ever played and successfully blended a dating game and RPG.  That special blend could make magic with the power of the PS3 enhancing the journey into the Midnight Hour.

The Legend of Dragoon 2

I can still fondly recall my first time stepping foot into the world of Endiness and the shoes of Dart as he attempts to track down the black monster that killed his family.  The first time in the game that you used your Dragon spirit was about as epic as anything seen in an RPG to that point.  There has been some speculation of a follow-up to the title and it would be a welcome addition to any RPG library. Being able to see Dragon spirits in all their HD glory would be quite a sight.  The original game released on the PSOne in 2000 and was a mammoth four discs.

Valkyria Chronicles 2

This game is coming out for the PSP, but honestly it should be hitting the PS3 as well.  Valkyria Chronicles was such a breath of fresh air to the strategy genre, blending in RPG and third-person shooter elements.  The result was a very addicting game that not only had great gameplay, but also a compelling cast of characters and a very touching story. I thought PS3 owners supported this game rather well considering it is definitely a niche genre with a brand new graphics engine and very unique gameplay.  We need to be able to rejoin this fight without going portable; we need this to hit our console and fast!

Dark Cloud 3

Dark Cloud 2 was a masterpiece when it released on the PlayStation 2 in 2003, featuring a very unique style of gameplay. Being tasked to rebuild towns from scratch and inhabiting them to help save the world was a lot of fun, and you have seen the building of towns from Level 5 recently with White Knight Chronicles.  There have been rumors, of course, and hopefully one of those comes true and we can start building as soon as possible.

Those are our 5 RPGs–what about you?  Which ones would you like to see on a PS3 in the near future?