Zipper Deploys MAG Influence Program

May 13, 2010Written by Steven Garcia

In a magnificent display of seriously considering the public’s opinion, Zipper has launched what they like to call an Influence Program for their massive online, recently discounted first person shooter. The pitch here is that the gamers ultimately get to control how their favorite games evolve through the fine art of polling. Hit the jump to discover how you – yes, you — can be a part of this revolutionary shift of power.

The first order of business up for discussion involves the game’s domination game mode. Apparently, Zipper has come to question whether or not the current 30 minute time limit is a little excessive and hopes those who spend hours enjoying the game can help them decide. Anyone interested in casting their vote can head on over here and choose between shaving off five or ten minutes from the clock. It definitely doesn’t seem like a big deal, but anybody who’s anybody knows that every second counts when you’re trying to secure or defend your team’s objectives. The poll closes a minute before midnight on the 26th, and you know what they say, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain.