Third Editions Seeking $30,000 to Reach Final Stretch Goal for Silent Hill Book

As time ticks down into the final hours of the campaign, Third Editions announced a poll for the final stretch goal book, adding to the four books already to be translated. The results of the vote are in and Silent Hill will be the fifth and final book added to Third Editions’ second Kickstarter campaign to translate French language gaming specialty books into English. The other four are books about Bloodborne, Zelda, Final Fantasy VIII, and NieR.

With just over a day to go before the campaign ends, Third Editions is still looking for 25K €–or $30K–to reach that final stretch goal of 140K €. Even if they don’t reach that point, the campaign has already been fully funded and all books and stretch goals up to this point will be produced.

Third Editions specializes in high quality books that explore specific games in a narrative structure. Each book covers the creation of the game and analysis of the mechanics, themes, and legacy that its specific game has. The first Kickstarter campaign successfully raised $170,000 to fund the English translations of five books (three during the main campaign, and two from stretch goals), covering the BioShock series, Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid franchise, Final Fantasy VIIThe Legend of Zelda games up to A Link Between Worlds, and the Dark Souls series from Demon’s Souls to Dark Souls II. We’ll have a review of these books once we’ve finished reading the extensive texts, but our early impressions are very, very positive.

They are also already working on translating books centering on Final Fantasy VI, Dragon Quest, Fallout, and Fumito Ueda games, so those will eventually be available as well.

Third Editions’ goal is to eventually bring their entire library to English speaking audiences around the world, and the Kickstarter campaign is helping them to accomplish that just a little bit faster. You can check out the campaign and make a last minute contribution on their campaign page.

[Source: Third Editions]