Kingdom Hearts Book is the Latest Kickstarter From Third Editions, And it’s Already Met its Goal

Third Editions is a French publisher that produces books about video games and their history. The incredibly thorough and detailed books cover everything starting with the development and creation, moving to the in-game universe and lore, and ending with decryption and analysis of the themes and the impact that the game has had. In just a couple of years, they’ve launched successful campaigns to translate 14 of their books into English. The latest Kickstarter is a Kingdom Hearts book, exploring the creation of this beloved series—and it’s already met its goal.

The Legend of Kingdom Hearts – Volume 1: Creation is a massive 400-page tome that covers the development of the entire saga, from that initial chance meeting in an elevator through to the latest titles in the series. While most Third Editions books have the complete “creation, universe,  and decryption” of a particular game or series, Kingdom Hearts will be divided into two volumes. The first volume covers the creation and development of the series, including well researched facts and trivia that even the most hardcore of fans may not know.

The second volume “dedicated to the lore and the symbolism of the series,” will be translated “eventually.” The current Kickstarter only includes translation the first book due to the sheer size and scope of translating the massive volume. Even though the funding goal has already been met, you can still back the project for added benefits. Backers will receive the book ahead of retail (currently scheduled to ship before the end of the year). Backing is also cheaper than retail costs, and it helps Third Editions fund getting these books prepared for US distribution. If you want the collector’s edition, it’s better to be a backer. There’s no guarantee that the limited supply will be available for retail customers.

Third Editions already has many books available for English reading consumers, including ones based on the Souls series of games, Metal Gear Solid, and multiple Final Fantasies. Their French library is even more expansive, with many of those books planned for future English translations. The books are laid out and detailed in such a way that if specific video games had college courses, these books would definitely be on the syllabus. If you’ve ever wanted to dive deep into your favorite games and series, there’s no better way to do that than with Third Editions.