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PlayStation LifeStyle’s Game of the Year 2018 Awards – Most Anticipated Game of 2019 Winner

Plenty of games releasing in 2019 are worthy of excitement and anticipation, but there are a few standouts that players are really clawing for. Starting early in the year, we’ve got a lot of long awaited games waiting for us, along with plenty of games that we don’t even know about yet. For the ones we do know about, here are the PlayStation LifeStyle nominations for Most Anticipated Game of 2019

Most Anticipated Game of 2019 Winner

Kingdom Hearts 3 most anticipated game of 2019

Kingdom Hearts III

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We’re all excited for it, but it’s hard to say there’s anyone more excited for Kingdom Hearts III than our own Keri Honea. “Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting for a proper sequel since friggin’ 2005. By the time it releases, it will be 14 years removed from Kingdom Hearts II, nearly as long as the wait for Duke Nukem Forever. Oh sure, you can say that we’ve had Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Birth by SleepDream Drop Distance, and even 0.2 Fragmentary Passage, not to mention a re-release on both the PS3 AND PS4. But none of those are really what fans wanted. We’ve wanted a true sequel, and one that didn’t require a specific handheld to play it. Has any other series jumped across various console/handheld exclusivity as much as this one has? To be honest, I thought a game was going to come on the Vita before a proper Kingdom Hearts III. This game is not only our most anticipated game, it’s the one fans are frothing at the mouth to play.”

Reader’s Choice Winner

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III is also your most anticipated game for next year, but it was a pretty even split for all of the games with a number of write-ins as well. It paints a pretty clear picture of how great next year is going to be for gaming. There are a lot of games to be excited for, with many of them coming in the first part of the year too. One of the first up is Kingdom Hearts III, so while we’re all frothing at the mouth for it, it’s not much longer now.

Don’t miss our full lineup of winners and nominees for the PlayStation LifeStyle Game of the Year awards. We’ll be revealing more winners today, leading up to the Game of the Year award.