Kingdom Hearts III Final Battle Trailer Gives Us More Gameplay and Plenty of Drama

Kingdom Hearts III is just around the corner and the final trailer is here now, one day earlier than originally planned. Unlike most Kingdom Hearts III trailers we’ve seen, this one includes some gameplay. But don’t worry. There are also still plenty of grandiose cinematics to keep you entertained.

Watch one last Kingdom Hearts III trailer below.

The Kingdom Hearts III trailer opened with a moment of optimistic reflection on how if something is your fate, you’ll ultimately return to that truth in time. However, things quickly shifted to destruction and dramatics, with gameplay interspersed between the cinematics. We even saw Sora’s link attack with Stitch, which allows him to catch enemies in his lasers and strikes them down in one fell swoop.

The action is initially scored by “Face My Fears” by Hikaru Utada and Skrillex, a song we’ve heard before in the opening movie trailer. Approximately halfway through the video, there’s an abrupt shift. The music cut out completely for a cutscene snippet. When the music returned, “Don’t Think Twice” by Hikaru Utada is playing and things have taken an even darker turn. In fact, the trailer ended with Sora letting out a terrible scream, before collapsing onto the ground.

There are a plethora of questions as to where the story will go in Kingdom Hearts III, and leaks are already flooding the internet now that a few retail copies of the game have begun circulating. But you can take solace in the fact that the game’s biggest secrets are safe, as they won’t be released until later via a patch.

Kingdom Hearts III will launch on January 29, 2019. Diehard fans may want to take this opportunity to upgrade to a PlayStation 4 Pro, now that a limited edition console has been announced for the game.

[Source: YouTube]