Anthem’s End-Game Loot Can be Obtained Earlier, But It’s Rare

BioWare’s upcoming shared-world shooter, Anthem is garnering a lot of hype as it approaches its 2019 release. Since the developer has such a strong pedigree, but has not developed an online multiplayer game before, the community is curious as to how the game will be received. Recently, a thread on Reddit featured the developers from BioWare answering user questions about loot and the end-game.

One user inquired about end-game content and the possible ways it could be accessed. The person asked, “Will the loot from raids be available through other means?” Chris Schmidt, Anthem’s Senior Systems Designer, responded, “No raids, but if you’re asking will the loot from the hardest endgame content is locked to that content, then no. There may still be a very very small chance a piece of that loot could drop somewhere else, but it would be a very rare thing to happen.”

This gives great insight as to how the drop-rates could impact the game. It’s unclear on what the drop-rate of this rare loot will be in Anthem, but it seems unlikely that you’d find it prior to completing the end-game content.

The Reddit thread also asked about the inclusion of raids. Schmidt noted

We don’t use the term ‘raids’ because it can mean very different things to different people. Is it content with at least 10 people? 40? 6? Giant boss? Specific, destined loot? We’ve talked about “other end game content” which is not strongholds. We will talk more about this later, but yes… We are planning for a variety of endgame experiences, which includes but isn’t limited to strongholds.

It seems BioWare has some hefty plans for end-game content. Hopefully, we will see the developer continue to support this game like many other games of a similar genre. Gathering loot isn’t the only focus in Anthem, though. BioWare has stated that they will be emphasizing player-choice and story, too.

If you’re planning on diving into Anthem, you won’t have to wait long. It will launch on February 22, 2019 for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: Game Watcher via Reddit]