Your Creations in the Dreams Beta Will Carry Over to the Full Game

Yes, the “totally normal” Dreams stream did, in fact, announce the long-awaited beta. Those who have been following Media Molecule’s newsletter may have already begun to flex their creative chops within Dreams. With a creation tool such as involved as the one in Dreams, there’s no doubt many were wondering what would happen to their projects once beta ends. Never fear, however, as Media Molecule has every intention to bring all of your creations over to the full game.

The news was revealed in an FAQ detailing the Dreams beta. While the wording of it presents it as something that’s not necessarily a guarantee, Media Molecule is assuring fans that the only thing that would prevent this is “a tragic technical error.” So go on and create! Be aware, however, that persona and imp quest progress will not carry over.

That’s not all that was revealed, however. As you know, the beta (which is only in English), is currently limited to those who subscribe to Media Molecule’s newsletter. However, there will be public sign-ups starting on January 4, 2019, with invitations being sent out starting on January 8th. Be aware, though, that space is limited, and not everyone who signs up will be able to take part in the beta. The beta lasts until January 21, 2019.

The beta features a partially complete set of creation tools, with some not being featured to ensure full carryover. Some social features are included as well, giving you some opportunity to show off your creations. What the beta won’t feature, however, is Dream’s story mode. In addition, it isn’t playable in VR, though Media Molecule promises more details on that “closer to launch.” The beta does have co-op, though in a limited capacity, and level creation is single-player only.

Most importantly, however, is that the Dreams beta is under a strict NDA (non-disclosure agreement). That means while you will be able to share your creations within Dreams, you won’t be able to tweet, stream, or capture footage of anything you do in-game. Since progress carries over, just wait until the full game releases to show off your creative magic.

Have you gotten into the Dreams beta? Are you excited to finally get your hands on it? Let us know! Media Molecule is always looking for feedback, so be sure to share your thoughts!

[Source: Media Molecule]