A ‘Totally Normal’ Dreams Stream Is Happening on December 18th

Those who have been patiently waiting since, well, 2013 for Dreams may want to take notice. The official Media Molecule Twitter account announced that there will be an upcoming stream for it’s enigmatic title on December 18, 2018. While that in itself may not necessarily be noteworthy, the wording of the announcement has raised a few eyebrows.

The use of “totally normal” likely means that this will not, in fact, be a “totally normal” stream. While streams of upcoming games tend to usually reveal new information, this is certainly setting things up for some big information to be revealed.  Could we finally get information on the Dreams beta that’s still supposedly going to appear in 2018? That’s certainly what the audience is suspecting and probably hoping will happen.

Dreams beta announcement would certainly be a long time coming, for those who have been starving to get their hands on this game. After all, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding whatever this beta turns out to be. Perhaps the announcement of a sign-up, or maybe even the full-on release of a public beta? Stranger things have happened, that’s for sure.

Then again, maybe we should take Media Molecule’s words at face value? This could literally be a “totally normal” Dreams stream. But that’s no fun to speculate about, is it? Even if there’s no beta announcement, we’ll definitely see something pretty awesome be built within Dreams. We’ve already seen everything from a sci-fi campaign to a Dark Souls-esque level. When the beta comes to the public, we shall see what kind of levels the community can create.