Yes, the Dreams Beta Is Still Coming in 2018

You’d be forgiven if you believed there was something fishy going on with the Dreams beta we’ve been promised. Last we heard on the subject, it was still set for 2018. However, with it being mid-December, there are only a few precious weeks left of 2018. Naturally, many are concerned on the state of the beta, and wondering what is actually the deal with it. Media Molecule went to Twitter to clarify that “plans haven’t changed,” but that may end up raising more questions than before.

If that’s to be believed, it appears that the Dreams beta is still set to launch this year. However, that leads to many questions. What kind of beta is this, exactly? If it’s a private beta, that would presumably involve some sort of sign-up. If that is the case, what kind of timeline are we looking at? Or is it going to be more similar to a demo, where anyone can publicly access it? At this point, some people might find the lack of clear communication from Media Molecule somewhat troubling, to say the least.

So apparently the Dreams beta is coming in 2018, whenever that may be. Considering we are still without a beta, it makes the earlier claims that the full game would also be releasing in 2018 harder to believe.

However, you can’t say Media Molecule isn’t being ambitious with its newest title. It wants to make game development an accessible hobby. When you eventually get it, you will apparently even be able to make games in VR.

Are you still holding out hope that this beta will go live in 2018? Or has that ship sailed for you? Let us know!