Media Molecule Evokes Dark Souls During Dreams Livestream

Dreams is still a work in progress, but developers Media Molecule have been hosting several livestreams of the game in order to show off exactly what it can do. One particular livestream that has garnered a lot of attention saw the team building a gothic horror/medieval sort of level, that of course immediately drew comparisons to Dark Souls.

Captures from the livestream have been making the rounds on Reddit, and the stream itself has drawn several thousands of views, apparently making it Media Molecule’s most popular demonstration of Dreams yet on Twitch. Part of that is due to the use of Dark Souls in making visual comparisons, but also due to how much the video shows of the game’s capabilities.

This livestream alone shows various lighting effects, customized assets and animations, controls, environmental and level design, and more. In the livestream, not only do we see the gothic castle/cathedral setting built, but we also see a lot go into a knight character, with abilities such as attacking and blocking.

This video shows how far Media Molecule has come since the LittleBigPlanet series, and also goes a long way to further clarify what Dreams is and doesDreams of course is more than a creation tool, as it will have a story mode, in addition to being able to create your own content and download creations from other players.

[Source: Media Molecule via Twitch]