Dreams PS4 PS5 content can now be used outside of the game

Dreams Content Can Now Be Used Outside of Game as Live Service Nears End

Media Molecule‘s unique live service experience, Dreams, is now allowing players to use their creations outside of the game. This decision was made in light of Sony pulling the plug on Dream’s service, which is due to end in September 2023.

New usage terms allow Dreams players to share content outside of game

Media Molecule has updated its terms of use, which grants players the ability to use music, animation, films, and art created in Dreams for personal and commercial purposes outside of the platform. Players must agree to the new terms and conditions.

Do note that after September 2023, players will still be able to create and play content created in Dreams. However, don’t expect any support or further updates.

Media Molecule has also released one of the final updates for Dreams, patch notes for which are as follows:

  • Fixed several issues related to Playlist performance in-game.
  • Fixed an issue where only 8 scoreboards were being presented per creation, and scores were not being posted as expected.
  • Made improvements to search result speed and performance, both in-situ and while in DreamShaping.
  • Fixed an issue where local saves of Dreams and/or Collections would take longer than expected to load in creations.
  • Fixed several issues that caused search results to refresh while viewing Genealogy, Versions and Search.
  • Updated wording to be more informative when deleting local versions of Collections and Dreams.
  • Improved Update Mode. This will now highlight the canvas that a chip is stamped on, helping the user identify Elements/objects that may need updating.
    • Update Mode will now also highlight instruments when replacing a previously stamped instrument.
  • Fixed an issue where searching in a Dream or Collection would not return any results.
  • Several photo management issue fixes.
  • Fixed an issue where reconnecting to the server after internet connection drops would result in Version Limits incorrectly displaying as 0/0.
  • Fixed several rare issues that would result in crashes.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.