Mark Healey Leaves Media Molecule

LittleBigPlanet and Dreams Director Mark Healey Leaves Media Molecule

Mark Healey, leaves Media Molecule today to go on a “pirate adventure.” Healey, who co-founded the studio 17 years ago, is best known for his role as the director of LittleBigPlanet and Dreams. Meanwhile, Media Molecule is beginning work on a new project.

Mark Healey’s future plans are a mystery for now

Healey announced that April 17 was to be his final day at Media Molecule. In a statement on Twitter, he said “a strong cosmic breeze is pulling me and my pirate heart is awakened” so he will “indulge myself in the winds of my various curiosities for a while and see where they take me”. This pirate adventure will be in the world of game development, but Mark Healey did not state whether he leaves Media Molecule to join another company or form another studio of his own.

Media Molecule Studio Director Siobhan Reddy also released a statement that explained the studio will continue the server migration of Dreams as support for the game comes to a conclusion, as well as releasing the original title TREN. Further into the future, the studio is already working on a new project that is “exciting but too early for us to talk about.” Updates and an official announcement for this project will be coming at a later date.