Kingdom Hearts III Will Allegedly Take 40+ Hours to Complete

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more excited for Kingdom Hearts III, this happens. Recent reports indicate that the trilogy-topper will be the longest game in the series, clocking in at over forty hours for the main story alone.

A Square Enix PR representative has allegedly stated that just sticking to “the critical path,” i.e. the game’s campaign, will take players around 40-50 hours. If you factor in the minigames, which includes things like Gummi Ship building, you’re looking at Kingdom Hearts III supposedly lasting over eighty hours.

Not only would that make Kingdom Hearts III the longest in the series, it would also mean that we’re getting several dozen hours of additional content to keep players busy on their way to finally putting a halt to Master Xehanort and his schemes.

For reference, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is one of the longest games in the series, but even that apparently pales in comparison to Kingdom Hearts III. It’s only around thirty hours long. With Kingdom Hearts III already promising the possibility of a bunch of big character dying, it’s little wonder that we’re getting into serious JRPG timesink territory for what promises to be a compelling conclusion to the beloved franchise.