Nomura Teases Dark Fates for Kingdom Hearts III Characters, ‘Some Characters Will Probably Never Appear Ever Again’

If you don’t follow Kingdom Hearts lore, don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are a lot of people that are just excited by the idea of fighting side-by-side with Donald, Goofy, Mickey, and other Disney characters without having any idea what the hell is going in. If you do have an inkling of an interest in the complex story and deep characters the series has introduced however, a recent interview with Director Tetsuya Nomura may hold some alarming teases.

USGamer began their massive interview with Nomura by asking about Kingdom Hearts III being the conclusion of the Dark Seeker Saga and how he feels about leaving that story arc behind. Initially Nomura says he is neither fully happy nor sad. “Yes, it does come to an end,” he says, reiterating that Kingdom Hearts III is indeed the ending of this story he is trying to tell. It’s his next bit that might make some fans fear for their favorite characters.

“Although I do feel a little sad when I think some characters will probably never appear ever again. Once I think about that, it makes me a little sad.”

What could Nomura mean? Is he simply talking about moving on to other character arcs? Or is he teasing the deaths of some fan favorite characters as the Dark Seeker Saga closes out? The concept of life and death within the Kingdom Hearts universe has been fairly nebulous, but when you dive into the details, it is definitely possible for characters to die permanently. If there’s any time for grand sacrifices or moments of gravity, it’s the final entry into a twisting and knotted series that has three numbered entries, but nine total games required to understand the full story. If you just play 1, 2, and 3, you’ll end up pretty lost.

While this is the end of the Dark Seeker Saga, that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Kingdom Hearts. We could definitely see the series and concept carry on with new characters and ideas for mashing up Final Fantasy characters with Disney worlds, but it’s clear certain characters won’t be making that journey.

After years and years of waiting, Kingdom Hearts III is finally on the horizon. Earlier this month it was revealed that the long-awaited title releases in January 2019, and we actually managed to play the game at E3 this year, so we can verify that it is indeed real.

[Source: USGamer]