E3 2018: Kingdom Hearts III Releasing January 2019

You may have expected the Kingdom Hearts III release date to be revealed at one of the many press conferences over the next few days, but Square Enix rewarded their loyal fans with an announcement at the end of the Kingdom Hearts concert that was held tonight. Without further ado, Kingdom Hearts III releases on January 29, 2019.

Yes, that does mean it got pushed from its original 2018 window, but this also puts it outside of the busy fall season that is already shaping up to be quite the wallet buster. Post-holiday puts it in a great place for people looking to spend those gift cards or pick up a brand new game for that PS4 that they just got.

It kind of seems unreal for Kingdom Hearts III to finally have a firm release date. Now that we know when it’s going to release, expect to see some other gameplay and possibly a new world announcement at Square Enix’s press conference on Monday morning. We already know a number of the worlds, and it seems the game is leaning heavily on Disney’s Pixar and Disney Animation titles, diving into that 3D-animation catalog of films instead of Disney’s stable of classics. Though at this point, I would firmly hold Toy Story up as a Disney classic without question.

Were you surprised to see the Kingdom Hearts III release date miss its 2018 projection?