Kingdom Hearts III Release Date Will be Announced at E3

Square Enix recently released their Financial Results Briefing outline from their 2018 end-of-the-year fiscal briefing. The end of the 2018 fiscal year ended on March 31, 2018. While most of the briefing includes the company’s overall financial progress from the year prior, they do include some forecasting for the fiscal year 2019 (which began April 1, 2018).

In addition to discussing additional expansions forthcoming for Dragon Quest X and Final Fantasy XIV, they mentioned both Kingdom Hearts III and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. They expect both to be huge for their non-MMO video game sector, which isn’t that much of a surprise. However, the briefing also specifically mentioned that the company will announced the release date of Kingdom Hearts III at E3 next week.

We expect FY2019/3 earnings to benefit from the launches of major titles including “SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER” and “KINGDOM HEARTS 3.” Our plan is to announce the details of our forthcoming lineup at E3 in June.

They’ve previously announced that the release date of Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be September 14, 2018.

However, what about these other major title launches? Is Square Enix planning on dropping another left-field bomb at E3, like they did with NieR: Automata at E3 2015? Or perhaps they have info on a Final Fantasy XVI? More Dragon Quest? A whole new IP? Now that would be exciting.

Yet, it’s more likely that they will confirm the Just Cause 4 leak and present a release date.

When do you think Kingdom Hearts III will release?