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Wolfenstein: The Board Game Kickstarter Just Launched, Already Eclipsed its Funding Goal

Archon Studio launched a Kickstarter Campaign earlier today for Wolfenstein: The Board Game. Already, the project has been fully funded. At the time of writing, roughly 1,900 backers have pledged over $260,000. This growing level of support far exceeds that of Archon Studio’s original $50,000 funding goal. The crowdfunding campaign will come to a close in two weeks on April 24th.

The studio plans to release Wolfenstein: The Board Game across five different languages: English, Polish, French, Spanish and Italian. A launch date is not yet set in stone, but the tabletop experience does have a August 2021 release window.

Much like the source material from which it is derived, Wolfenstein: The Board Game will place players in the role of resistance fighters led by series star BJ Blazkowicz. The primary goal is to infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein, then navigate through Nazi soldiers in an effort to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Players will ultimately decide how each mission unfolds by choosing to either stay on mission, explore side quests, or take on optional battles for additional loot.

With the base game, players should will have access to 182 cards, 16 map titles, and 55 miniatures. The latter will see the likes of BJ Blazkowicz, Anya Oliwa, Set Roth, Klaus Kreutz, Bombate, and Max Hass brought to life as hero miniatures. Boss miniatures include Hitler, Mecha-Hitler, Gen. Oscar Von Grim, and Professor Solomon Bevli.

An expansion, The Old Blood, in the works, too. It will come with 87 cards, 12 map tiles, and 23 miniatures. Kickstarter-exclusive expansion All-Stars is set to add even more heroes, villains, events, and items to the core game and The Old Blood.

It remains to be seen whether the tabletop game will launch ahead of the next video game entry from MachineGames’ rebooted Wolfenstein series. A third mainline installment was all but confirmed late in 2018. With Bethesda’s recent announcement that it won’t host a digital event in lieu of its usual E3 conference, there’s no guessing when another update about the franchise may emerge.

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