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Anticipate a Lighter Tone in Wolfenstein: Youngblood Compared to Wolfenstein II

Exploring BJ Blazkowicz’ harrowing past in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was not all sunshine and roses. His father was physically and emotionally abusive, prompting BJ to leave for the military as soon as he came of age. Thus, in delving into the character’s past, The New Colossus inherently conveyed a dark tone throughout much of its narrative. Fans hoping for a break from the bleakness may be in luck. Apparently, the upcoming spinoff Wolfenstein: Youngblood will tell a tale considered much lighter in tone.

In an interview with VG247, MachineGames’ Managing Director, Jerk Gustafsson, explained what is likely to be a noticeable shift in tone. The two protagonists, BJ’s twin daughters Sophia and Jessica, represent the foremost reason for the lighter tone in Youngblood. This is especially true, considering their relatively normal upbringing compared to that of their father. There are some things that will remain the same, though. For example, the dark humor that’s been prevalent throughout the series will not be affected.

Gustafsson told the publication,

The story was a bit dark because we also wanted to tell the story of the upbringing of BJ for New Colossus, so it automatically got a bit darker because of that. But with Youngblood we are going a little bit lighter in the tone of the story. There is still some dark humor in there, but in general the story is a bit lighter. It’s also more, our reference there has been more of the ‘80s–I think Goonies is a good example, where you have this entertaining adventure that is a dark one, right?

And the story is also about finding your father, so they set out on this mission and all of this happens during this transition from adolescence to adulthood when they are growing up, so I’m very happy with the story we have in Youngblood. It’s a little bit smaller in scope as well, and it’s also lighter in tone, but it’s very charming and very entertaining. I’m very happy with it.

Another aspect that will be noticeably different this time around is the absence of Hitler, who briefly appeared in The New Colossus. Because of a post-New Colossus run-in with BJ, the notorious figure won’t take part in the upcoming adventure. Fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for a Mecha version of him, either. Who knows, maybe the inevitable Wolfenstein 3 will see BJ and Hitler face off in some manner?

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is due out later this summer on July 26th for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: VG247]