Here are Some Sweet High-Res Renders of Kingdom Hearts III’s New Keyblades

While Sora’s original Kingdom Key is still the best one, there’s no denying that making your way through a Kingdom Hearts and discovering the different versions of the unique Keyblade weapon is great fun. Of course, Kingdom Hearts III will be sporting its own set of new Keyblade designs, each based on one of several new and returning Disney worlds featured in the game. While we anxiously await the January 29, 2019 release date, Square Enix opted to release some high resolution renders of several Keyblades, ten in total. While there are more in the game, these are mostly Disney-specific designs, along with the latest render of the Kingdom Key.

The Keyblades included in the image set, which you can look at for yourself via the gallery below, are designs based on Big Hero 6Frozen, HerculesMonsters, IncPirates of the CaribbeanTangledToy Story, and Winnie the Pooh. The Kingdom Key and Shooting Star designs are also included. The images are nice and big, showing off the often intricate detail and care taken to represent these popular movies or properties in the style of a Kingdom Hearts murder tool.

Kingdom Hearts III is practically right around the corner, and since we have confirmation of its gold status along with a leaked trophy list, it’s safe to say making jokes about it making its release day will soon be outdated. In the meantime, you can check out our recent merchandise and preorder guide, as well as our ranking of the “Story so Far.”

[Source: Gematsu]