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The Best Kingdom Hearts Music (Thus Far)

After learning about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Heroes of Light EP, I almost immediately got nostalgic about the series’ soundtracks. The Kingdom Hearts OST was the very first video game soundtrack I purchased, and I had to import it at that. It may be the most expensive collection I own (based upon what I paid at the time), but it’s been worth it. I’ve bought every KH soundtrack ever since, and they’re still some of my favorites.

However, since this EP is only centered around the main heroes of the story, it’s missing out on a ton of great extended play music. I came up with a list of what I would want on a Greatest Hits album of sorts, ran it by some other KH nuts I know and work with, and whittled it down to a dirty dozen. I could not cut it down to ten. It was becoming Sophie’s Choice at that point.

Without further ado, here are the best Kingdom Hearts tunes that have released thus far in no specific order. I hope I’ll have some Kingdom Hearts III tracks to add to the list next year!

Did I forget any of your favorites? Sound off below!

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