Kingdom Hearts’ Heroes of Light EP Appears

One of the things the Kingdom Hearts series is known for is its music. For those who love those sweet sounds, Heroes of Light (Kingdom Hearts Arrangements) has been announced by Materia Collective. The four-track EP rearranges some of the series’ most iconic heroes’ themes.

Put together by arranger Peter de Vroom, the new Kingdom Hearts EP has remakes of the themes for Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Roxas. The rearrangements add personal touches for each character. The official press release offers some examples.

For example, Sora’s theme is arranged for two pianos to highlight the camaraderie he shares on his journey, while Roxas’s theme gets electronic elements that seemingly pull away at the essence of him and his theme.

Peter de Vroom wanted to add elements of each character’s story in the arrangements. All four characters go through their own arcs throughout the Kingdom Hearts series. He explains that the themes for each character reflect their arcs and growth.

I believe the music shines brightest in the character themes, some of which I have featured on this EP. My aim was to highlight each character’s story in my arrangements, from Sora’s unwavering spirit to Riku’s brooding battle with darkness.

The tracklist for the Kingdom Hearts EP is as follows:

01. “There’s A light That Never Goes Out (Piano Duet) (Sora’s Theme)”
02. “I’m Always With You (Kairi’s Theme)”
03. “Inside Us (Roxas’s Theme)”
04. “I’m Not Afraid of the Darkness (Riku’s Theme)”
Heroes of Light (Kingdom Hearts Arrangements) is available now to stream on Spotify and Bandcamp.
If you need more Kingdom Hearts memorabilia, there’s a Sora Nendoroid releasing in December 2018. Kingdom Hearts III, on the other hand, will come out on January 29, 2019. You better prepare yourself, since it’s rumored to run over 40 hours.