GameFly Subscribers Receive Huge May Savings

This year has already been home to many great deals ranging from Amazon bonus credits for huge 2010 titles to PlayStation 3 Ultimate Bundles which include a game and controller. Now GameFly is hopping on the wagon and is delivering a huge used game sale for all subscribers of their service.

The popular video game rental service, GameFly, is currently holding a May Storewide Used Game Sale. Some of the best deals include the following:

BioShock 2 – $21.99

Dragon Age: Origins – $24.99

Ghostbusters – $9.99

inFamous – $24.99

Killzone 2 – $24.99

Prototype – $12.99

White Knight Chronicles: International Edition – $17.99

All games are used but include a new case as well as a new manual. These deals are available to anyone but GameFly subscribers receive FREE shipping with their order!

If you’d like to see the full-list of used PlayStation 3 games in the bargain bin, head over to GameFly and see what they have to offer.