And the Top 10 Selling PSN Minis on the PS3 so far are…

May 19, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

When Sony first introduced the then ‘PSP Minis’ games last year, little did we know that they would hit the PS3 in the near future. Although not every Minis has hit the PS3 that has beeen released on the PSP, a vast majority of them have and many gamers have given them a chance to shine. Thanks to the latest episode of Pulse, we have the oh so convenient Top 10 best selling PSN Minis to date list for you to analyze and hey, ya never know..a title or two you could check out!

1. Tetris

2. Zombie Tycoon

3. Hero of Sparta

4. Fieldrunners

5. Monopoly


7. Age of Zombies

8. Let’s Golf

9. Sudoku

10. Dracula – Undead Awakening

Interesting to see Tetris lead the pack even though many gamers complained about the price. Not surprising to see Zombie Tycoon, Hero of Sparta, or Fieldrunners doing so good, considering the fact that they also sold extremely well on the iPhone.

If you’re interested in PSN Minis, we have a select amount of reviews on the site you might want to check out. If you’ve checked out some Minis in the past, let us know your recommendations!

E3 should see a plethora of new Minis announced, so if there’s any that standout, we’ll be sure to let you know about them.