Isaac Clarke Shreds More Than Just Aliens in Skate 3

May 20, 2010Written by Mike Hartnett

Skate 3 producers have many gamers in stitches today as they released a ton of screen shots for the game with players tearing up the asphalt as none other than Isaac Clarke from EA’s critically acclaimed Dead Space franchise.

Admit it, nothing is cooler than seeing the ultimate alien killing machine grind a rail and combo into an indy kick flip. The screen shots were recently released on the official Dead Space Facebook page with the photo album bearing the following comment:

“Did you know? You can Enter code DEADSPACETOO in Skate 3 to get a special appearance by Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke!”

So if you own Skate 3, be sure to hop on and enter that pass phrase to unlock your very own Isaac Clarke, complete with matching skateboard. This is one really cool example of how a publisher can mesh IP’s together with fantastic results, as EA has been known to do with franchises like SSX and NBA Street. Check out the snaps below for more uber-awesome Skate 3/Dead Space goodness. (And yes, we did just say uber-awesome.)