Dead Space 3 Producer Would 'Redo' the Game If Given the Chance

Dead Space 3 Producer Would ‘Redo’ the Game If Given the Chance

Dead Space 3 writer and co-producer Chuck Beaver has said that he would “redo” the game if given the chance. Beaver recently appeared in a podcast during which he touched upon what went wrong with the game, revealing that the now-shuttered Visceral Games wasn’t allowed to make a full-fledged horror title.

How Dead Space 3 spelled doom for the series

In an interview with the CaptainBribo podcast (transcribed by PCGamesN), Beaver claimed that his team received instruction to delve into other gameplay genres and was told not to make a full horror game. He didn’t say who the direction came from, but it’s probably safe to assume that it was publisher Electronic Arts.

According to Beaver, not only did Dead Space 3 fail to garner a new audience, it lost its existing fan base, and the decision to move away from horror spelled doom for the series until Dead Space remake revived it.

“Now, in this [Dead Space] remake territory, I would redo Dead Space 3 almost completely, but I would keep the lore beat it’s predicated on, keep the lore you find out, and I would have Ellie there but in a different relationship [with Isaac] and redo the entire main story,” Beaver mused.

There’s currently no indication that EA is considering another Dead Space remake.