Red Dead Redemption Lassos in Sales Record

May 23, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Rockstar’s wild western shooter, Red Dead Redemption, has been released to the masses which has been enjoying critical success. As with all Rockstar games, sales for each title exceed expectations and that’s exactly the case for Red Dead Redemption as it aims to become the fastest selling game within 2010 so far.

UK retailer HMV told CVG that since the game went on the shelves on Friday, its launch sales have surpassed the big hitters of 2010 such as Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy XIII as well as many other blockbuster releases. HMV games commercial manager Jonathan Hayes said:

Red Dead Redemption is comfortably shaping up to be the biggest and fastest-selling title of 2010 so far – ahead of the likes of Final Fantasy, Battlefield and even Heavy Rain, which we had as a major exclusive. I wouldn’t be surprised if the title does the best part of 300,000 unit sales on its opening Friday and Saturday.

Red Dead Redemption has been selling out worldwide, which has become evident within the United Kingdom with multiple retailers facing shortages of the game.

To US citizens: be sure to visit Amazon’s brilliant Red Dead Redemption offer, listing the sandbox-styled shooter at $49.99 while you still can.