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Splinter Cell Franchise Stealthily Changes Developer

May 26, 2010Written by Christopher Gordon-Douglas

Splinter Cell in recent times has become a popular stealth series, with releases such as Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and Double Agent captivating audiences with its unique mix of stealth and action. Even more so, the IP has been associated with with Ubisoft’s Montreal division. However, that will be changing very soon.

Gamesutra are reporting that the Toronto division of Ubisoft uniquely named Ubisoft Toronto will be developing the next installment in the franchise, with Alex Parizeau spearheading the production of the new game.

“I’m excited,” Parizeau commented. “We have very high ambitions for the project, and it’s a great opportunity, because Splinter Cell has a lot of visibility, and we’re really hoping to attract a lot of senior talent and people who have a lot of experience in the industry.

“We we want to build the studio around that, a really strong core team, and that [Splinter Cell] is going to provide us with a really good platform to do that,” he added. “I think we have a really special chance to build something strong from the start.”

Jade Raymond who was the Producer on Assassin’s Creed and Executive Producer on Assassin’s Creed 2, has said that the Toronto studio would be a good fit for the series.

“A lot of the games that come out of the Montreal studio, or the European studios, have much more of that ‘continental’ flair,” she said.

“Beyond Good and Evil, for example, couldn’t have been produced other than in France. It’s a very European-feeling game. When you think of it like that, I think the Splinter Cell franchise fits Toronto.”

It’ll be exciting to see what Ubisoft Toronto can do with the franchise. There’s no doubt that the stealth genre isn’t tapped very often, so the potential is limitless.