Guerrilla: Killzone 3 Controls Will Be Better

Killzone 2 released in February 2009 to mass critical acclaim, praising the game for outstripping the first installement. But one of the most widely criticized aspects of Killzone 2 was the slow response of its aim control most notably it had a weighty feel to it, Guerrilla attempted to solve the problem by adding a “Precision Controls” mode, which was supposedly implemented to give better response. With Killzone 3 freshly announced, that’s something that developer Guerrilla Games says won’t be a problem in the third game.

In an interview with the PlayStation Blog US, Senior Producer at Guerrilla Games Steven Ter Heide, has said that they have addessed the issue,

“Killzone 2 had a slightly different way of approaching controls in terms of the weight – we really wanted to have that feeling that you’re carrying a loaded weapon and it’s heavy.”

“But at the same time the lag, the responsiveness of your controls, we felt we could improve that and we needed to improve that.

“We remedied most of that with the patch but we’re taking it a lot further for Killzone 3 so it’s one of the key areas that we really want to improve on.”

Also worth noting is that that cover system has been reworked and that it will cater for “run and gun” players, with also an option to slide into cover, expect more Killzone 3 a E3. Be sure to check out PlayStation LifeStyle regularly for more E3 news.