3D Gaming is Compelling and Beneficial According to Sony

Earlier this year, Sony proclaimed their strong interest in being the first console developer to embrace 3D entertainment. With a firmware update scheduled for Japan on June 10th and updates worldwide forthcoming, Sony have shot out of the gates and will be delivering one of the first pushes for 3D technology on any platform. While many gamers haven’t begun to prepare for 3D gaming, Sony seems to think that 3D gaming is significant.

When MCV talked with both a PR boss David Wilson and a UK Dales Director from Sony, both showed strong faith in the upcoming 3D gaming experience. During the interview, the UK Sales Director shared the following:

“We’ve seen this in action and I must admit that I think 3D gaming is much more compelling than 3D movies because once you’ve experienced a game in 3D you’ll want to buy a 3D TV. It certainly converted me. It’s much more compelling.”

David Wilson added:

“Take F1, as an example. You’re very low to the ground on a flat circuit – it’s hard to see where the world goes. 3D changes that. Here I am, here’s the end of the car, here’s the end of the road.”

3D gaming, unlike many of the peripherals and addons we’ve seen in the past, does look to add substance to gaming. While many are calling it a gimmick, several games, including racing games, benefit from such an implementation. Judging distances and depth within the confines of a gaming world will be made easier with the integration of 3D gaming, so we can only hope that developers take full advantage of the technology.

E3 2010 is right around the corner and we should be seeing some new 3D gaming information from Sony during their press conference on June 15th.