Sony Japan Celebrating a Huge Milestone

After the initial slow start of the PS3 around the world, Sony is now blazing past milestones at every corner and over in Japan, they have reached 5 million registered PSN users. Along with this great accomplishment, these users have downloaded 110 million pieces of DLC. These are great numbers for the land of the rising sun and Sony is going to show people just how thankful they are with plenty of great gifts.

For starters, June 3rd through June 30th will see 5 lucky PlayStation 3 owners winning 3D Bravia KDL-46LX900’s from SCEJ for completing a quiz. Now just that alone would be amazing gift but Sony is not stopping there. Sony Japan will also be giving away Torne’s, Bluetooth headsets and accessories, making this a celebration to remember. One can only hope that this same kind of celebration will find its way stateside whenever milestones are hit over here.