Vanquish’s “Definitive” Edition Will Be On the PS3

Vanquish, the next title from Bayonetta developer Platinum Games, is coming this Winter. Some of you may recall that the Xbox 360 was the lead platform for Bayonetta, while the PS3 received a port. But that appears to not be the case this time around.

According to a find in PlayStation: The Official Magazine, the game is being built first on the PS3 and will then be ported to the 360:

“Unlike Bayonetta, which was developed for the Xbox 360 and suffered in transition, Vanquish is being built on the PS3 first…That means this time [PS3] gets the definitive edition.”

This is always good news, because whenever a multiplatform game has a lead platform it usually ends up playing slightly better on said lead platform. E3 is right around the corner, so rest assured that if Platinum Games or Vanquish’s publisher Sega has a demo of the game you’ll here about it on PlayStation LifeStyle.