Killzone 2 Caused Guerrilla Games “Growing Pains”

It was just a little over 5 years ago when Sony not only revealed their brand-spanking new system to rule them all, but also jumped the gun a bit when they proudly displayed what it was capable of. While there’s no doubt in our minds the CELL and its 8 SPE’s are technically competent in their ability to reproduce a just as detailed, playable version of the infamous Killzone 2 trailer – as shown by the title itself as well as others, including the more recent Uncharted 2 –, the consequences of its appearance where two fold; it created a massive amount of hype for the console – somewhat needed to justify the then staggering $600 price tag — and game alike, but also placed a magnitude of pressure on the developers ultimately responsible for answering the call. Ironically, however, Guerrilla Games claims it was all for the best.

In an interview found in the latest issue of Gamepro Magazine, Guerrilla’s managing director, Herman Hulst, reflects on the issues the team had going into developing the sequel.

“Damn, heading into Killzone 2 was a lot of pressure, I’m sure you know the story.”

“The most rewarding part of the first Killzone sequel was that we created our vision early on, and consequently, we knew what we were striving for from the beginning. The hard part was transitioning quickly from developing games for PS2 and PSP with a rather small team to making a blockbuster state-of-the-art PlayStation 3 game with tremendously high expectations.”

Hulst makes it clear that, although the path they took was grueling, hindsight shows the benefits of the end result far outweigh the costs.

“Killzone 2 gave us real growing pains, but we’re really glad to have gone through them.”

So are we, Herman. Killzone 3 is currently slated for a 2011 release, and if the screen shots and recently released teaser are any indication of what to expect when you push the PS3 to it’s known limit, we’re definitely in for a treat.