Sidhe and Module Join Forces for Another Groundbreaking Title

One of the most understated elements behind great games are the powerful soundtracks that accompany them. Arguably one of the best gaming soundtracks in recent years was composed by Module for the PlayStation Network exclusive Shatter, and it was a driving force behind what made the game so excellent. New information suggests that both Module and Sidhe have yet another project underway.

Module, the 1-man band led by Jeramiah Ross and responsible for the outstanding Shatter soundtrack, has announced that he’s working on a new project. According to the post, the new project will once again be made by Sidhe, so we should expect a quality experience once again. Jeramiah posted the following on Facebook:

Here is a bit of exciting news ! Starting work on another big video game soundtrack soon with Sidhe which will be very epic ! it’s going to take over a year ! Good times indeed !

Shatter was one of the best PSN titles of 2009 and we can only hope that Sidhe can deliver the same memorable experience once again. The Sidhe team is relatively small so chances are it’ll be yet another exclusive PlayStation Network title, but there’s always the off-chance that it’ll be a retail title.