Capcom Using Resident Evil Ambassadors Program to Test Yet Another Unannounced Title

This past summer, Capcom sent out invitations to the Resident Evil Ambassadors Program, asking members to take part in game testing for an unannounced project. Testing took place both in Japan and the United States. Eventually, said unannounced game was revealed as Project Resistance, now known as Resident Evil Resistance. Well, now it seems the publisher is at it, yet again. Members of the RE Ambassadors Program have received a new invitation, once more gauging their interest in testing a title that Capcom’s yet to unveil.

One of the program’s members shared the contents of the email in a Reddit post. IGN has since been forwarded the same email, confirming its legitimacy. The main point of interest appears near the message’s end. An excerpt from it reads as follows, “Also, as limited offers to Ambassadors, we have invitations to a play test session of our unannounced title, and priority seats at our game show booth.”

The email itself features two asterisks regarding the above information, pointing out a couple of need-to-know details. For one, Ambassadors will need to apply to be considered for testing. Second, the game show locations and dates currently remain undetermined.

With Resident Evil 3’s recent unveiling and all major game shows finished for the time being, this raises myriad questions. Is Capcom testing for another Resident Evil project? Or is the publisher using the Ambassadors program as an easy way to reach out to fans about other titles? Since Dino Crisis and other long-absent Capcom IP are receiving trademark renewals, almost anything seems possible.

While fans await more news on the mysterious unannounced game, there’s a major release on the horizon worthy of anticipation. Resident Evil 3, which will package in Resident Evil Resistance’s multiplayer experience, launches for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One next year on April 3, 2020.

[Source: Reddit via IGN]