Capcom’s Recruiting Resident Evil Fans to Test Unannounced Game

Something either Resident Evil or horror-related may be cooking at Capcom. In Japan, the publisher sent emails to “Resident Evil Ambassadors,” asking fans of the series to participate in a forthcoming game testing phase. The email’s message reads rather vague, mostly revealing that the test will involve an unannounced new project.

According to the website Biohaze, which obtained the message, the email was sent from Capcom’s Division 1, the team that develops Devil May Cry and Resident Evil titles. Capcom’s need for Resident Evil fans to serve as testers comes from a desire to incorporate feedback garnered from testing into the unnamed project’s development.

How intensive and extensive the game testing will be remains unknown. However, the testing phase will at least take place over the course of one day, either on September 8th or September 9th. Based on the Biohaze report, it does not appear as though Capcom has locked down all of the specifics just yet.

In truth, this unannounced project could be almost anything. An original game might most certainly represent one possibility, though a Resident Evil-centric title seems a bit more probable. Of course, even that could mean Capcom has any number of projects in development.

For one, fans have been awaiting a follow-up to Resident Evil 7. The early 2017 launch debuted to much acclaim, returning the franchise to its much beloved survival horror roots. On the heels of Resident Evil 2‘s remake success, which recently surpassed four million copies sold, a remake for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis serves as another potential new project for the company. After all, RE2 Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi previously teased such a game may be possible if demand seems high enough. In addition, some seem to think Capcom has already hinted at a Resident Evil 3 remake being next in line.

[Source: Biohaze via VG247]