Developer Punchers Impact Bringing Lucha Libre to the PSN

The French game developer Punchers Impact today unveiled Lucha Fury, the first beat ’em-up game combining the worlds of comics and Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling).

Lucha Fury follows the adventure of four young and talented wrestlers who spend their lives loafing around until a mysterious shortage of the energy drink, on which they are all hooked, bring them into a fight against the most incredible worldwide conspiracy ever!

Combining horizontal scrolling gameplay and co-op progression with up to four offline/online players, Lucha Fury is a paradise for merciless brutes, high-flyers and crazy finish-move addicts. Each player is free to humiliate their enemies in their own style in fights that get more intense and more insane with every move. Team-play is also enhanced by the multi-player combo mode, which allows fighters to gang up on their enemies and finish them off cooperatively.

Lucha Fury will be available in Q4 2010 for the PSN.


– Unique graphical style

– Up to four players, either local or online

– Four playable characters with their own specialties

– Backdrops from around the world, but in Lucha style!

– 17 crazy levels

– Truly wicked bosses in a universe where everyone is masked+

Watch out UFC and WWE, Lucha Libre is going mainstream this Fall and just might give a smackdown of their own.