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Sony Executive: Microsoft will “have to” Embrace 3D Gaming

Whether consumers like it or not, 3D gaming is coming here, and will probably be staying. The latest chapter in Sony’s push for consumers to embrace the new technology is not directed entirely at them, but rather Sony’s competitor, Microsoft. At a recent event, a Sony executive went as far as to say that 3D is a natural progression for the video game medium, and it would be unwise for companies competing with Sony to ignore the 3D wave.

Responding to a question posed by Edge Online, Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Ray Maguire said that Microsoft will “have to” embrace 3D gaming on the Xbox 360.

“I would say that they have to. Whether they can is a different matter, but of course everyone will have to get into 3D because it’s the natural way of viewing the world. So why would you stay in a 2D world if you have the ability to do 3D? We have the ability to do 3D right now with the devices consumers already have in their living rooms.”

Maguire’s attitude may conflict with the general mood of the gaming population, which seems to be hesitant about this wave of 3D hype. However, with Sony pledging full support into this revived technology, it is hard not to get excited.

What about you? Will you be purchasing one of the many 3D-enabled televisions that are releasing this Summer? Have you already purchased one? Is 3D a fad, or here to stay? Put your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below.