Take Two Uphold Agent Exclusivity to PlayStation 3

It has been over 12 months since last year’s E3, and while most of the big announcements last year have already arrived, a few are still on the horizon. Among them stands Agent, which is not only a PS3 exclusive being developed by a successful developer, but was one of the biggest announcements during Sony’s Press Conference. Some consumers have since become doubtful about the title remaining an exclusive, but it looks like Rockstar are sticking to schedule.

During the Q2 Conference Call for Take Two Interactive, President Strauss Zelnick confirmed that Agent is still being developed as a PlayStation 3 exclusive title. When asked about whether the game has gone multiplatform or not, Strauss replied:

“On Agent, there’s no change in situation on that title.”

While brief, it seems for the time being that Rockstar’s Agent will be a PS3 exclusive upon release. While details regarding the game are still yet to be released, we do know that Rockstar were initially interested in testing out the PlayStation 3 hardware with the project. With E3 2010 only days away, chances are we will be seeing more information regarding this highly-anticipated espionage title.