Autumn Gives Fall to Crysis 2

One commonly overlooked title of 2010 is Crysis 2, a sequel to arguably the best PC exclusive in recent years. With outstanding graphics, scope and tons of special abilities to play around with, it’s a good thing we’ll be getting our hands on this beautiful title in the near future. Even more in the near future than many had hoped, as new information suggests a release date only months away.

According to a new EA advertisement (which can be seen on the right), Crysis 2 will be hitting the PlayStation 3 in Autumn of this year. While originally announced as a Winter title, it seems that development has come along nicely and we’ll be seeing it around September of 2010. This is one of the best-looking FPS titles of the year, so the sooner we get our hands on this title, the better.

Crysis was a technical masterpiece with “ahead of its time” visuals which weren’t fully explored until years after release. The title featured several nano-suit abilities including a cloak and the ability to run at hyperspeed, and according to recent details Crytek are looking to polish the nanosuit and deliver a captivating experience.