Namco: Enslaved is “Symbol of Future” for Company

In spite of the short relationship that Ninja Theory has shared with publisher Namco-Bandai, it appears that their relationship has already blossomed since their development of Enslaved.  And in a recent comment by Namco-Bandai Partners’ VP of sales, marketing and publishing, Olivier Comte showed extreme optimism and pride for Ninja Theory and their new and upcoming title.

Comte revealed that Namco’s goal was to become a Top 5 publisher world-wide and to achieve that would require Ninja Theory’s talent.  He showed nothing but songs and praise for NT’s new title:

“We want to be a Top Five publisher in the games industry worldwide.

“Enslaved is much more than a product, it is the symbol of the future of this company. The game looks incredible, the studio is well-known and everything is on track.

“It’s important for consumers to play Enslaved because it could be the benchmark of what we have to make as a company.

“In five years Enslaved should be the most important franchise for Namco Bandai.  Enslaved 2 and 3 should be our equivalent of Gran Turismo 5 or Uncharted.

“Our industry is built on sequels and Enslaved is a triple-A property

Yes – you read that correctly.  It also appears that Namco-Bandai is already set to launch not just one, but TWO sequels of the Enslaved franchise.  From the comments above, it seems that European publisher is going “all in” with their confidence on what Enslaved will deliver to the critical eye of the gaming world.

Be sure to check back with us next week during E3.  We’ll be sure let you know our impressions of Enslaved and whether it is indeed living up to the hype.