New Killzone 3 Level Detailed

One of the biggest gripes of KZ2 was its lack of variety. Killzone 3 will bring jetpacks, 3D and hand to hand combat, but what new locations will it bring? KZ3 was originally shown to have a Snow area, but now, on the Spike TV pre-E3 special, a  new level has been revealed.

Frozen Shores, the 4th level in the game shows the detail of the snowy levels, with rolling oceans filled with frozen ice, as well as an exceptionally high level of detail on each layer of snow. In the trailer, the weather of Helghan mercilessly beats down upon ISA and Helghast troops alike, as the battle rages on, with Sev taking to a jetpack to manoeuvre across the battlefield, and attack people in brutal hand-to-hand combat.

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