New Need For Speed Outed [Update]

For a long time now since Burnout Paradise, Criterion Games have been teasing and tweeting cryptic messages about their new game. Speculation has been brimming that it is a new Need For Speed, others thought it was a sequel to their PS2 FPS BLACK. But it seems in the latest episode of GTTV during a virtual tour of EA’s booth, the new game is confirmed as well as what it will be called.

Que Need For Speed Hot Pursuit:

Expect to see some gameplay footage at E3, and hopefully a release date. for all things E3 be sure to check out PlayStation LifeStyle regularly during the event.


[Update 1] According to a tweet on the official Criterion Games twitter account they say that the “Cat is still in the bag”. So make of that what you will but it seems that their game is most likely not Need For Speed Hot Pursuit that’s pictured above.