Tales of Monkey Island Swashbuckling to PSN Next Tuesday

Avast, mateys! If you’re a mighty fan of the mighty “aspiring” pirate Guybrush Threepwood, be prepared to toss some doubloons on over to the PSN next Tuesday as Telltale Games will be docking The Tales of Monkey Island for ye adventurers!

If you can remember way back in the days before 3D gaming, you’ll recall the huge success of the Monkey Island series.  And no, it wasn’t because of the graphics, but rather the humor-induced storyline and witty dialogue that carried the game across its Monkey Island seas.  Since then the presentation has met modern standards of eye candy while not losing its touch on it’s foundation of success: humor and adventure.

This edition was originally released for the PC and had great reviews among that crowd, so have no fear in making this fine purchase.

So get yer fill of grog and prepare yerselves to set sail on this comedic adventure. You will not be disappointed. AARRR!