PlayStation LifeStyle’s Favorite E3 Moments

E3 is every gamer’s favorite week of the year, with each day bringing new games, new trailers, and even, new hardware. Since 1995 the world’s largest gaming expo has been host to some of the world’s largest gaming news – from the announcement of the PlayStation itself, to the reveal of blockbuster games such as Metal Gear Solid 2, Killzone 2 and Infamous. PlayStation LifeStyle looks back on the amazing E3’s that have come before, and have decided what our favorite E3 moments of all time are.

Starting with myself, my favourite moment has to be when the PS3 was first announced, Ken Kutaragi standing there, proudly holding his powerful creation aloft, a beautiful machine that, even to this day, remains a must-have, cutting-edge piece of technology. Sure some features were lost, and the subsequent launch could have gone better, but after seeing the PS3 for the first time I was confident that the console would last, and would truly be a future proof gaming platform.

Anthony Severino, President / Editor-In-Chief:

Having 2 E3s under my belt, my best E3 moment is definitely attending the Sony E3 Press Conference live. There is nothing else in the world like it – it’s a Sony PlayStation sensory overload. That being said, I fully expect this year’s Sony E3 Press Conference to take the top spot as my favorite E3 moment

Cameron Teague, Reviews Coordinator:

Most of my attention to game shows in the past has been towards the Tokyo Game Show simply because that is where most of the RPG’s are revealed these days but I do remember one very memorable E3’s and I would have to say it was the Killzone 2 announcement.  I have never been the biggest fan of FPS games on consoles until the PS3 and I just remember seeing that video and thinking “holy hell, are these guys for real?”  To me that is what defines E3 and its the announcements that cause you to lose your breath.

Steven Garcia, Contributing Editor:

“Rrriiiddge Racer!”

Kyle Phillips, Contributing Editor:

For me, my favorite E3 moment would have to be the unveiling of the PlayStation 3, at the 2005 E3. The prototype Ken Kutaragi proudly proclaimed to the world was the result of years of research, with millions of dollars collectively spent by Sony, IBM and Toshiba. That E3 also saw the unveiling of multiple PS3 games, some released (Killzone 2), and some that still have not seen the light of day (WarDevil). With the public still allowed to share space with journalists, the joy that flowed through the crowds was unreal. The sheer volume of people jamming the behemoth known as the Los Angeles Convention Centre only added to the joyous occasion, that countless individuals will never forget.

Max Murray, Author:

Now I’ve never attended E3, but I’ve been a big follower every year during this time. If I couldn’t follow online (because the possibility to do so had not been available/… invented) then I tried to make sure I was fully updated through any gaming magazine I could get my grubby hands on. My favorite moment, hands down, of a past E3 that I have read about and thus lived vicariously through was absolutely E3 of 1997 during Nintendo’s conference (and maybe this will disqualify my response…). They started up a video of a franchise they were going to try to reinvigorate, but the audience had no idea what it was- all they could see was a single figure in the distance of a plain, masked in shadow… From what I remember about it, the video contained many jump cuts displaying frayed action and quick gameplay, but kept returning to this shot of a solitary figure as he slowly approached from the distance. Meanwhile, the music hinted familiarity, yet still left the majority of the audience in silent wonder on what it was they were watching. It was only as this figure, a man, slowly advanced towards the foreground that people were catching wind and growing increasingly rowdy. It was when he was clearly seen riding atop a horse that a signature green hat was spotted and someone yelled “THATS LINK!” and the room lost control. It was the début video of Ocarina of Time.

Mind you this was a time when E3 contained both press and fans alike, but in the case I read, it was told how everyone- including staff, and the presenters- everyone was on their feet, hugging, cheering, high-fiving, and some were witnessed to even be crying from genuine excitement, all before the trailer came to a close. The room had exploded over a teaser that left so much to be answered and desired, but even so, you had the sense that there was this overwhelming feeling of fulfilment just at the sight of such a beloved title making a reappearance. It’s this passion, this true devoted feeling of pride and excitement that all these fans and developers alike shared over a game, or rather an idea, that I always come back to when I think about some of my favorite series. The fact that video games have impacted so many lives, and created new communities through unimaginable reaches of space, is one of my favorite aspects of gaming in general. The image of that room, as the exemplification of the spirit of E3, exhilarates me and drives me to not only be a part of it, but also to remain a part of this fantastic community of people that are as equally passionate as I am.

Zak Islam, Contributing Editor:

My favorite E3 moment would have to be back in ’05. The Killzone 2 E3 2005 video – a target render of what Guerilla thought could only be possible on the PlayStation 3 – which left gamers and pundits alike in sheer awe. Then E3 2007 arrived. The trailer of the Pre-Alpha code running showcasing the shooter once again left everyone picking their jaws up from the floor and it still lives comfortably in my E3 memories. Hopefully the same scenario will be recreated at E3 10 with Killzone 3, which I’m sure it will. Role on E3, then.

Joseph Peterson, Forum Administrator / Author:

My favorite E3 moment would actually be just last year. It was the second time that PlayStation LifeStyle was at E3, and my first on there personally. Getting to play Batman Arkham Asylum was an experience I will never forget. I knew that I would get the game already, but this alone pushed me to get the Limited Edition once I saw what was in it in person. Then came the Sony Conference, it was an experience I will never forget. Seeing games like Uncharted 2 left my jaw on the floor. Then came the official announcement of The Last Guardian, and the game was absolutely stunning. The conference itself got me interested in handheld gaming as well with one game that was announced, Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker. Considering I just picked up the game for my PSPgo, it does not disappoint by any means. As good as last years E3 was, I’m positive that this year will be better.

Chris Gordon-Douglas, Contributing Editor:

My favourite E3 moment was in 2000 when Metal Gear Solid 2 was announced. When I saw the trailer my jaw literally dropped and when I found it it was real time using the games engine my jaw dropped more and hit the floor as Metal Gear has been transformed into a next dimension. And with the likes of Onimusha and Tekken out at the same time this game stood out the most to me, and although Raiden was the main character I embraced him and his narrative story.

Whatever your platform of choice, E3 is undoubtedly the place where the magic happens, where millions of gamer’s dreams are fulfilled, and where millions more are crushed. E3 2010 is set to be no different, with all of the industry’s biggest studios competing for our hearts. PlayStation LifeStyle will be there, giving you the breaking news, as it happens, straight from the E3 show floor.

What is your favorite E3 moment, or is it too hard to decide? Tell us in the comments below.