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NBA Elite 11 Developer Diary Envisages Future

Back when NBA Elite was announced last month, Peter Moore head of EA Sports believes NBA Elite 11 will “profoundly evolve” the basketball genre in a way that hasn’t been seen for “a decade”. In the latest developer diary EA look to set the standard among their fans for what they can expect from their latest title gone elite.

One of the stand out features of NBA Elite 11 is the Dubbed Hands On Control which isn’t just for dribbling, but for dunking, diving, fadeaways, mid-air adjustments, blocks and steals. And If that wasn’t enough, “skill-based” shooting requires “accurate user input” in order to score points. And behind all this looks to be a re-worked engine.

Check out the video below, thanks to Gametrailers:


EA look to be backing this game to conquer their competitor in the basketball genre, NBA 2K11 who recently announced that the all time legend Michael Jordan will be on the cover of their game. Expect some more details as well as gameplay at E3. NBA Elite 11 releases this October. For all the latest news from E3 be sure to check out PlayStation LifeStyle regularly.